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Nuclear technology is the most feasible alternative measure to solve the global warming problem as the clean energy which does not emit greenhouse gas and environmental pollution materials. It is used for various industry fields including hydrogen production, desalinization, mass production of radioisotopes for medical uses, development of food & fiber materials using radiation as well as power generation. Also, its scope of practical application is expanding sustainably as the important technology to improve the quality of people's lives.

KAIF has executed many major businesses including nuclear manpower development, nuclear international cooperation, international seminar, publication of various materials, and public relations business to the nation along with a central roles for the nuclear industry so far since it was founded as the first non-profit organization in October 12, 1972.

KAIF established the Three Business Visions including promotion between related organizations, building network among domestic and overseas countries, strengthening of educational programs and activities for them in order to play a leading role in the Korean nuclear industry.

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