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Services for Members

The following services are provided to the member organizations & individual members by KAIF:
  • □ Cooperation & Interchange
  •     - Providing support for expanding business towards global markets of small & medium companies
  •     - Providing Opportunities to attend meetings between suppliers and ordering organizations
  •     - Collecting bottleneck problems and proposed solutions of member organizations in nuclear business
  •     - Supporting transference of patented technology to small & medium/venture businesses
  •     - Offering discount on registration fee for Nuclear Industry Exhibition
  •     - Providing opportunities for attending various conferences, seminars and B2B meetings
  •     - Recommending nominee for Nuclear Technology Prize
  • □ Education Programs & Publication
  •      - Providing free publications and other materials such as Monthly magazine for
          "Nuclear Industry" and daily email newsletter "Nuclear Today News" (in Korean)
  •      - Offering a discount of entry fee for educational programs
  •      - Offering a discount for procurement of publications such as Practical Nuclear Terminology Dictionary
  • □ The Benefits for New Organization Members
  •      - Providing one free copy of publications such as "Nuclear Energy Yearbook"
  •      - Providing a free registrations for Nuclear Breakfast Meetings (2 Personnel in 1 time)
  •      - Providing a free advertisement space on a Monthly Magazine "Nuclear Industry" (in Korean)
For joining KAIF or the details on the KAIF Membership, please contact the KAIF Office.

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