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Today many countries in the world make every effort to secure their national energy security and to provide clean energy due to the continued hike of oil prices and effectuation of the Kyoto Protocol to prevent worldwide global warming.

This is a very important task which holds sway over the destiny of a nation.
In this situation, nuclear energy is expected to play a key role to solve the above issues.

Since Korea is not endowed with the natural energy resources, it has been obliged for us to rely on about 80% of the total energy supply from the imported resources.

In order to solve the increased energy consumption, Korea embarked upon nuclear energy project in 1969 and commenced the commercial operation of the first nuclear power plant in 1978.

Since 1978, Korea has steadily driven the nuclear energy projects and has achieved a rapid growth in nuclear power generation industry over the past years. In Korea, the total of twenty(20) nuclear power plants are now in commercial operation and provide about 40% of total electricity generation.

We expect that in Korea, the role of nuclear energy will be expanded and will make a great contribution to the stable supply of electricity and greenhouse-gas reduction.

Also, the use of nuclear energy was limited only to basic research of power generation, medicine, engineering, agriculture, and science, but recently contains a wide variety of its application to non-destructive inspection, diagnosis of disease, cure of cancer, analysis of pollutant, improvement of a species of the crops, long preservation of food, and disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments and medical supplies.

This web site is showing the activities and role of the Korea Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. which has endeavored for promotion of nuclear industry and the spread of public understanding of nuclear industry since its establishment in 1972.

Through this web site, we also would like to provide various information on the nuclear industry to those who want to get knowledge of nuclear energy as well as those who are concerned with nuclear industry.

We would appreciate if you could give us any idea and opinion for the development of our organization through this web site.

Thank you for your attention and support.